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Twinloss in the womb

New: Life skills for Teachers!

burn-out prevention!!! A few tools to develop trust, Contact me by mail

You need a break? Problems with yourself, your wife, your children ?

You are most welcome here to take a good break for at least 3-5 days.



My book: "From Servant to Master" is about to appear.

It even has a very useful message for Barack Obama (twin survivor!).

Dear Mr.Obama, dear Friend of Humanity. If you are interested to hear more about it, please help me find an English or American publisher!

Thank you so much, and one day you will be very grateful for yourself  for the wisdom I want to share with you!



Hi you, we have opened our centre with a nice drink and more than 60 people! It was wonderful, the Love, the Warmth. I want to thank all that were present with their nice energy!!!

What can you expect from this centre?

In short: if you need a break, you can come.

A break after a difficult time of divorce, or when you lost a beloved, suicide in the family, or just because you worked too hard, take a break and breathe.

I made a nice breathing CD and made them also in English.

So now you understand the meaning of breathandsoul.

If you breathe deeply you give a hand and kiss, or you just love to your soul and to your whole Self and body!!!

Breathe deeply my friend!